Women like you and me have all experienced disappointments and traumas. And sometimes the strongest soldier struggles to ask for help or rarely receives assistance because of their strength. These SMILE care packages are for every woman who needs a pick me up or an encouraging gesture to rejuvenate them. We all know someone that needs a reminder to hang in there or to know they are loved and not alone. If you know a woman who is experiencing a tough time send us a SMILE referral with her information and She Pours will deliver an encouraging SMILE care package.

SMILE Care Package Referral Form


What is included in a SMILE box?  
SMILE boxes include inspirational paraphernalia to provide uplifting encouragement. 
How will I know when the SMILE package has been shipped? 
SMILE boxes are typically shipped within 7- 10 business days from the day you submitted the request form.  
Do you ship international?
We currently do not offfer international shipping.   
May I request a SMILE box for myself? 
SMILE boxes are currently being distributed on a nomination basis only.  
May I request more than one SMILE box? 
SMILE boxes are limited to one request per person. 
Will the recipient know who the SMILE box is from or is it confidential? 
Yes, unless you want it to be confidential.  


*We will submit the SMILE care package within 7-10 business days upon receipt.*

Numbers 6:25 May the Lord SMILE on you and be gracious to you.

*She Pours takes appropriate steps to protect all personal and sensitive information held by us from misuse, interference, unauthorized access, modification, loss or disclosure.